Thursday, 24 November 2011

Protected Landscape Area - Žďárské Hills

On 16th of June 2010, the Czech Post has issued the nature stamp series depicted the Protected Landscape Area Žďárské Hills. This issue only one postage stamp.
The Protected Landscape Area Žďárské Hills is located on the border of the Pardubice and the Vysočina regions (the latter was established in 1970). 46% of the protected area, sized 70,940 ha, are forests, 44% farming land, 1.9% water areas, and the rest are built-up areas. The elevation above sea level varies from 490m to 836.3m.
The diverse landscape of the Ždárské Hills is characterized by its frequently changing pattern of meadows, pastures, fields, forests and ponds, the irregular network of field boundaries, narrow-sunken roads, small woods or groups of trees and bushes.

The area covers the north-west culmination part of the Českomoravská Hills with the central massif of the Žďárské Hills and the related parts of the neighbouring hills. Its shallow and broad valleys, rather easy gentle slopes and round tops are typical of upland to mountainous landscapes.

This area of natural water accumulation is the location of the source of a number of Bohemian and Moravian rivers (Sázava, Chrudimka, Doubrava, Svratka and Oslava) and contains several pond systems (Velké Dářko, Veselský and Matějovský ponds among the largest ones, the Řeka and Medlov ponds among the smaller ones).

The climate is rather cold, wet, and windy. Forests, mostly artificial spruce monocultures replacing the natural fir and beech forest, cover about half of the area. The hills contain precious wetland and wet meadow communities with a significant presence of a number of protected and endangered plant species.

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