Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Yavoriv National Natural Park - Ukraine

Ukrainian Post   issued  the  stamp set  features  the Yavoriv  National Nature Park  in one miniature sheet on March 3, 2003. The issue consist of three stamps depicted the flora fauna species which are found in there, such as : Common Kingfisher, the Emperor moth and Lady’s slipper orchid.

Yavoriv National Natural Park

Yavoriv National Nature Park was founded in 1999 for not only preservation but for restorage and rational usage of natural landscapes of Roztochya as well. During the short period of time scientific, eco-educational work is organized here, ecological passes are created, local people are involved in nature protection activities.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Horton Plain National Park


Horton Plains National Park was designated a national park in 1998. This park is a protected area in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and is covered by montane grassland and cloud forest. This plateau at an altitude of 2,100–2,300 metres  is rich in biodiversity and many species found here are endemic to the region. 

Sri Lankan Post issued the stamp set comprises of  4 stamps and one souvenir sheet that depicts species of Horton Plains National Park in Sri Lanka on September 07, 2010. The species depicted  are Sri Lanka Whistling thrush, Rhino-horn lizard, Sri Lankan Sambar deer, and Purple-faced leaf monkey.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Torronsuo National Park of Finland

On 13 September 2010 , Itella Corporation Finland , issued a stamp feature the National Park of Finland, Torronsuo National park. 

Torronsuo National Park  is a national park in the Tavastia Proper region of Finland and covers area of 25.5 square kilometers. . The park area is a typical ombrotrophic raised bog – a thick turf layer with its middle part raising above its edges. The turf layer is one of the thickest measured among Finnish bogs, locally extending to 12 metres.

Torronsuo  National Park is valuable for its birdlife and butterfly species. Roughly a hundred species nest in the area. Part of the birds and insects are species that typically live in the northern areas, and they aren't seen much elsewhere in southern Finland.
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