Thursday, 24 May 2012

Azores’s marine Invertebrate -2010

The Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, isolated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and more than 1300 km from the nearest continent, is formed by the nine immersed tops of an underwater mountain range. On July 01, 2010, Portugal Post (Azores) issued the stamp set  to  recall special attention to the necessary ecological alarm against mankind’s aggressions to the planet’s frail balance.

Portuguese stamps displaying regional themes from the Azores. This is the case with the stamps that over the years have been devoted to the flora and fauna of the Azores, and with this issue as well, which focuses on the archipelago’s marine invertebrates. In the large group formed by animals without backbone, marine species usually stand out to the layman because of their shapes and colors that never cease to amaze us.
Grapsus adscenionis

Grapsus adscenionis is found   in Ascension Island, Azores Exclusive Economic Zone , East Atlantic . Despite the low commercial interest as food for human consumption, this species is becoming popular in aquaculture. Therefore,general biology and specific reproduction related information of the species will support a sustainable use of this fishery resource to avoid overexploitation.
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