Sunday, 22 April 2012

Canadian National Park

Canadian Post issued two the stamp set features their national park on July 2007.
The respectively issue are one of issue stamps depicts Terra Nova National Park  released on July 6,2007 and  the other issue stamp depicts Jasper National Park released on July 20,2007. Both  stamps have uniform face value.

Terra Nova National Park

Terra Nova National Park is located on the east coast of Newfoundland in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, along several inlets of Bonavista Bay. Terra Nova National Park was created in 1957 and was the first National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador. Terra Nova protects the Eastern Island Boreal Forest natural region.

Terra Nova's landscape is typical of the northeast coast of Newfoundland, with remnants of the Appalachian Mountains contributing to widely varied and rugged topography throughout the region. The coastline varies from cliffs and exposed headlands to sheltered inlets and coves, contributing to Newfoundland's prime recreational boating area.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

National Park of Argentina – 7th series

Correo Argentino SA, issued the seventh series of the national park of Argentina on March 22, 2003. The issue are consist of four stamps depicted the national park , i.e.  Los cardones National park (50c),  National Reserve Estricta Colonia Benitez (50c), Copo National Park (50c),Campo de los Alisos National Park (75c),  Monte León National Park (75c).

National park Los Cardones

The Los Cardones National Park was created in 1996 as a national park of Argentina, located in the center-west of the province of Salta, within the San Carlos and Cachi Departments, in the Argentine Northwest. The park has an area of 650 square kilometres, with hills and ravines at the height levels between 2,700 m and 5,000 m.It is important the bush formation with the “cardones” predominance.It features fossil remains of extinct animals, as well as dinosaur tracks.
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