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National Park of Argentina – 7th series

Correo Argentino SA, issued the seventh series of the national park of Argentina on March 22, 2003. The issue are consist of four stamps depicted the national park , i.e.  Los cardones National park (50c),  National Reserve Estricta Colonia Benitez (50c), Copo National Park (50c),Campo de los Alisos National Park (75c),  Monte León National Park (75c).

National park Los Cardones

The Los Cardones National Park was created in 1996 as a national park of Argentina, located in the center-west of the province of Salta, within the San Carlos and Cachi Departments, in the Argentine Northwest. The park has an area of 650 square kilometres, with hills and ravines at the height levels between 2,700 m and 5,000 m.It is important the bush formation with the “cardones” predominance.It features fossil remains of extinct animals, as well as dinosaur tracks.

National Reserve Estricta Colonia Benitez

The National Reserve Estricta Colonia Benitez located 15 kms from Chaco, capital Resistencia, 1020 kms from Buenos Aires. The park ideal for eco-tourists, is home to rich flora and fauna. of flora and fauna of the eastern region of Chaco.
Chaco is place for  adventure tourism. There are place interest in Chaco, the two  villages Fuerte Esperanza and Nueva Pompeya are the heart of the "Impenetrable" photographic safaris, trekking, canoeing and birding. The other are The Parque Nacional Chaco, Campo de Cielo, and the National Reserve Estricta Colonia Benitez.

National Park Copo

The Copo National Park is a national park of Argentina, belongs to the Dry Chaco ecosystem. The park  was created in 1998 in order to preserve a number of endangered species and located in the Copo Department, province of Santiago del Estero. Endangered species that live in this park include the jaguar, the Giant Anteater, the chacoan peccary, the tatú carreta (a species of armadillo) and a species of parrot.
The climate is warm, with annual rainfall between 500 and 700 mm. A large part of the park ,which has an area of 1142.5 km², it is made up of forest, with the Santiago red quebracho being its characteristic tree species. This tree has a strong wood and high content of tannin, and in the past it suffered a devastating exploitation in other parts of the country.Nowadays only 20% remain.

National Park Campo de los alisos

The Campo de los Alisos National Park  was created as  a national park of Argentina in order to protect a representative sample of the montanos jungle and forest ecosystem  and located in the Chicligasta Department, province of Tucumán.Flora and fauna vary considerably with the different heights, from a jungle at lower levels to snow-covered mountainous terrain at 5,000 m.
The Campo de los Alisos National Park  has an area of 100 square kilometres. Annual rainfall here oscillates between 100 and 200 mm.The park is located on the eastern slope of the Nevados del Aconquija. The Aconquija mountains are the southern extension of the Calchaquíes Valleys, the western first steps raising from the Chaco-Pampean plain.

Future National Park Monte León

Monte León National Park was established as a national park in Argentina, in Santa Cruz Province since 2004. The park is home to thousands of penguins and cormorants, as well as pumas, large, flightless birds known as rheas and roaming herds of Guanacos.
Area composed of high cliffs, islands, roqueríos, small bays, beaches and restingas that is discovered with the low tide. The coastal sector represents near 1% of the Argentine marine coast. The sea in this region is cold, with an important population of fish. One of the reasons for the creation of the Park, is to protect an important portion of coastal patagónica steppe, habitat of guanacos, choiques, foxes and pumas

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