Sunday, 6 November 2011

Palm Seed Industry of Norfolk Island


The Palm Seed industry began on Norfolk Island back in the 1880s when Belgium propagators travelled the world looking for different and exotic plants to grace the conservatories of the Belgium Aristocracy.
To commemorate the Palm Seed Industry, Norfolk Island issued the miniature sheet of stamps depicts the picking of the Kentia palm seeds. This issued was designed by Mary Butterfield, Issued 29th May 2007.
The Palm was extremely popular because it proved to be a hardy indoor and outdoor plant and was aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
The picking of the Kentia palm seeds on Norfolk Island can take several weeks to complete and is very labour intensive. The tall palm trees are picked by hand using ladders and ropes.The local people who still sell the seeds have the option to pick their own crop or have the local exporter and his team of palm seed pickers come to their home and do the picking.
The Kentia Palm seek industry on Norfolk Island began in 1923 and has survived throughout the years. The height of the industry was in the 1980s when a bushel of seed was sold for over $800.00.

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