Monday, 21 November 2011

Nature of Australia -2002

In year 2002, Australia Post focus designed on the Great Sandy Desert (GSD) located in Western Australia and Northern  Territory. Australia is the driest continent in the world. Thirty five per cent of continent is effectively desert.
The issue of the Nature  series comprised of 4 stamps depicts the Great Sandy Dessert, and flora fauna lived in there such as: desert star flower, bilby, and thorny devil.


The Great Sandy Dessert (GSD)  covers about  395,250 square kilometres or 5.1 per cent of the continent and is the largest desert in Australia.The GSD consist of mainly of red sandy plains; patches of desert oak and spinifex grass are common features.

The beautiful Dessert Star Flower (Calytrix carinata) has only recently been recognised as a distinct species. A shrub that grows up to three metres, it flowers from March to October.

The Bilby ( Macrotis lagotis) although officially listed as endangered, is still relatively common in the Great Sandy Desert (GSD). With its long ears, soft blue-grey fur and pointed snout, the bilby is a a member of the bandicoot family. Shy and strictly nocturnal, the bilby escapes the heat of the day by taking refuge in the burrow. 

The Great Sandy Desert  is home to more reptile species than other desert in the world. The Thorny devil is one of the more spectacular. Although prickly looking, it is harmless and lives entirely on a diet of black ant.

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