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The České středohoří uplands - tertiary volcanic region


The České středohoří uplands is located in the northwest Bohemia nearby the lower reach of the Labe river which is divided between two geomorphological sub-units - the Verneřické uplands on the right bank and the Milešovské uplands on the left bank.
The České středohoří uplands are the most massive sign of volcanic activity in the Czech Republic even though due to its size of 1,266 km2 it belongs only to lesser orographic units. Its characteristic features are volcanic conical hills which began rising from the sandstone seat in the late Tertiary as a Miocene formation approximately 23 million years ago
The dominant of the České středohoří uplands is the Milešovka hill (837 m), one of the most windy hills in the Czech Republic. Passing through the region is the Litoměřice deep fault, the geological partition between the Krušné Hory and the Central Bohemian regions. Water streams exposing the solid subsurface magma and deepening valleys made the České středohoří uplands into a majestic landscape. The present volcanic rocks include the prevalent basalts and sound-stones and the less frequent trachytes. Sandstones and marls are the representatives of sediments.

In 1976 the České středohoří uplands were proclaimed a protected land area of 1,063.17 km2 and in terms of botany it seems to be the richest area in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic has been issued  the  stamps features a view from the southern bank of the Ohře river at the Brníkov village on the early Baroque chateau in Libochovice and the basalt hill with the ruined castle Hazmburk and the surrounding hills. The stamps issued on September 2, 2009. Starting from the left they are the Solanská, the Hrádek, the Lipská, the Hazmburk, the Milešovka, the Košťál, the Kletečná and the Lovoš hills. This picturesque panorama enchanted the painter Emil Filla who in the period of 1950-52 created panoramic paintings of the České středohoří uplands.

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