Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Anegada Flamingo

The Flamingo Pond, Anegada is home to the Flamingos which are the second largest of its species, often growing to 5 feet tall. The Flamingo Pond, Anegada is located in the central area of Anegada Island and now become as one of the most popular spots of sightseeing in the area. The flamingos and other sea birds have been re-established at this protected pond area and hence the name.


The Flamingo Pond in Anegada is the largest of the four salt ponds that occupies approximately one quarter of Anegada's total land mass. This fragile ecosystem maintains a small but growing population of Caribbean Flamingos which were successfully reintroduced to Anegada in the year 1992.


Due to unrestricted hunting, the native flamingos in the British Virgin Islands were wiped out. The Biologists reintroduced a flock of 20 flamingos from Bermuda to Anegada in the year 1992. This project has proved successful as the flock has grown to more than 50 birds since they were introduced.


The project also aimed at attracting the other migrating species in hopes of increasing the gene pool in the area. These vertebrates do not reach sexual maturity until they are three to six years of age and generally only lay one or two eggs in a one year period after mating. The Female lots usually only reproduce every other year. Flamingos frequently mate for life and both male and female take turns in incubating their egg.


Western Anegada is actually famous for the Flamingo Pond Bird Sanctuary, which is a salt pond and mangrove area. This area is home to the various species of birds like waterfowl, a variety of herons, terns, osprey, and snowy plovers.

The British Virgin Island National Parks Trust has accepted Flamingo Pond as a bird sanctuary. The other bird species such as terns, ospreys and egrets can be seen nesting and feeding in the area. Whenever you come here with your family or friends you can spot the flamingos wading on the far north side of the pond.

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