Monday, 8 October 2012

Flora of the Ljubljana Botanical Garden

Ljubljana Botanical Gardens established by Franc Hladnik as a second home of a great many plants in Slovenia. Within 2 years since 1810, 766 different species had been planted by Franc Hladnik. On March 30, 2012, Slovenia Post issued the stamp set features the plants of this garden, which connected with Hladnik. The issue comprises of three postage stamps and one souvenir sheet.

The stamp of 0.40 EUR, presented Fleischmann’s Parsnip (Pastinaca sativa var. fleischmanni). This plant is a variety of the common parsnip. Felischmann discovered this species at Ljubljana Castle between 1819 and 1840. Then transplanted by him into garden, results the plants remains to the presents day.


contentimage_18828_280_0The stamp of 0.44 EUR, presented the “Idrija primrose” (Primula x venusta). It is a true curiosity limited to very small area of western Slovenia. It is only found in places where the Carniolan primrose (Primula carniolica as a endemic plant in Slovenia) and bear’s ear (Primula auricular) grow together. The result is an extremely rare endemic hybrid – the Idrija primrose. The flowers will be in a wide range of colors, from whitish to violet to flesh colour.

The stamp of 0.77 EUR, presented the Hladnik’s scabiosa (Scabiosa hladnikiana). This specimen has been sent by Hladnik taken from his collection to his friends , Dr. Host, who named this species as Scabiosa hladnikiana.



The stamp of 0.92 EUR, presented the “Hladnik’s scopolia” (Scopolia carniolica f. hladnikiana). This species is a yellow variety of common scopolia (Scoplia carniolica), was discovered by Franc Hladnik in 1819 in the area around Trunjak. It was named after it’s discovered by Hladnik’s successor at the Botanical Garden, Ivan Nepomuk Biatzovsky, and Hladnik’s former assistant Andreas Fleischmann . (Sources:Slovenia Bulletin - Jože Bavcon, DSc)

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