Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Goričko Regional Park

Slovenia Post promote regularly their national park through media postage stamps on May 25 , 2012, they issued one souvenir sheet consists of one stamp that features Goričko Regional Park and have background image of flora fauna inhabit in the park.


Goričko Regional Park is  the Slovene part of a three-nation park comprising Õrség National Park in Hungary and Raab National Park in Austria. The park takes its name from the gorice, the local word for the little hills that long ago emerged at the bottom of the Pannonian Sea.

Goričko Regional Park covers an area of 462 km2, reaching just 418 metres above sea level at its highest point, yet it offers views of the three-nation park area, which has always been a meeting point of cultures and peoples.  This area features wetlands and wet meadows, fields producing a variety of cultures, forests, an intricate network of waterways, lakes and ponds, low hills and vineyards.

Goričko Regional Park is  an area with  the right conditions for certain plant and animal species to thrive: this is home to otters, several rare beetles, reptiles, deer, dragonflies and more. From winter to late autumn mushrooms abound, and in the forests you can encounter the autumn crocus. 

The unique journey if you visit the nature park, un-spoilt nature, rare animal and plant species, preserved old farm buildings and local crafts, the hospitality of kind people who are at one with nature.  Its will be interested to  understand how people unity with  nature and peace in their soul.(Sources: Slovenia Post News)

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