Monday, 16 May 2011


The Two close countries, Serbia and Bulgaria, have chosen, for this joint issue of postage stamps, a nowadays very actual world theme - ECOLOGY.The motif of these jointly issues stamps is the Balkan Mountain landscape with birds(Scolopax rusticola- Eurasian Woodcock; Monticola saxatilis - Rufous - tailed Rock - thrush).
In the scope of this field, the Balkan Mountain with its flora and fauna proved itself to be an out - and - out stamp motif, because it represents the tight connection between two countries, which share this mountain’s wonderful natural beauties.


Scolopax rusticola- Eurasian Woodcock
The Stara planina belongs to the big Balkan mountain range which runs 530 km, from the Black Sea, on the East, to the Vrska Cuka Peak, on the West. It is part of the Carpathian - Balkan Mountain range.
The smaller, western part of this mountain is located on the territory of East Serbia. The highest peak of the Balkan Mountain is Botev (2376 m) in Bulgaria. In Serbia, the highest peak is Midzor (2169 m).

imageMonticola saxatilis - Rufous - tailed Rock - thrush
In 1997, the area of the Balkan Mountain in Serbia was declared Natural Park.
The ornithofauna of Balkan Mountains is very rich and until nowadays has 206 recorded bird species of which 104 are protected by the Bern Convention and the Regulation of the Government of Serbia on Natural Rarities Protection.

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